Friday, 26 October 2007

Into Action

I have been flooded with comment (I mean that positively, of course!). Because I love switching on my computer and seeing an email with “New Comment” in the header, and because these conversations are important (both for my studies and because they're about God), I really want to take time to respond to them. Here's a quick overview of what's happening:

1.)On my latest “in accordance with the scriptures” post, comments have been made on the nature of Jesus' resurrection and how we know that. John has repeated his accusation of docetism on my part, I've repeated my accusation of anti-trinitarianism on his part. I think we're making progress. It's tough work, but the subject matter deserves our attention and it is only through patient and thoughtful dialogue that genuine theological progress can be made (an explicitly ecumenical statement).

2) My verbal revelation post has provoked interesting questions and angles on the nature of the Psalms, the status my quotes of Barr (seeing that he himself doesn't agree with them!), and the relationship between narrative and historical event. My response will come!

3) My post on the particularity of g/God has started a little conversation on our own particularity. Again, my response will come. All in good time ...

So, in the meantime, I thought I'd post this music video I randomely came across in YouTube. I typed the name of a man who is growing on my heart (Tim Armstrong, I hope to say more on him later) and came up with this musical gem. He's the bloke in the hat, singing with the funny black-haired girl. It's probably not everyone's taste, but it got my bum wiggling.

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