Friday, 12 October 2007

A Ramadan Soap Opera

The Guardian has an interesting article here on the latest media craze in the Middle East: "Bab el-Hara" or "The Neighborhood Gate".

" With its tales of brave men and dutiful women in a simpler, long-vanished Middle East, a Syrian soap opera has become the latest rage in the Arab world during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan."
Particularly interesting is what reactions to the soap tell us about the longings of many Arabs in the contemporary Middle East. I also happened to come across an interesting looking blog which responds to the series from a 'progressive, Palestinian feminist perspective': Improvisations. Give it a read!

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Anonymous said...

hi this is me dalal and u r my fav character kk u rock and i love ur kids boron,issom,mutaz,dalal,and jamila the old one was better the new one is mean.

ans u make a good match with abu esom