Monday, 5 November 2007

Free Access to SAGE Publications Throughout November

The blog Evangelical Textual Criticism points out that there is free online access to SAGE journals throughout November, after registration here.

Among the journals of particular interest are:
Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha
The Expository Times

I've just gone through the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, downloading all articles to do with the Psalms, the canonical approach and literary approaches.


anthony said...

i already posted the info on my blog 'oldtestamentpassion' on friday 2nd november.

Phil Sumpter said...

It's amazing how things get around. I got it from the aforementioned blog, he got it from somewhere else. I am but one link in a chain. If you started the whole thing off,then thanks! I've found it a great resource. I'm still going through the editions, downloading what I can before the month runs out.

anthony said...

one good thing about sageonline is that i signed up for a free trial with them a year ago (which expired within a month). but it was helpful then to get most of the stuff that interested me.

sageonline keeps track of our records, so when they had this offer again, i received their email personally. so, wait maybe next year again for another similar offer from them! but for now, it is busy amrking term papers!