Thursday, 1 November 2007

What's On in Cyberspace? (Well, as far as the Bible is concerned ... )

I've been having online dialogues of the most colossal proportions. So involved, in fact, that I have no time or energy to write anything substantial today. Stephen and I are beating each other over the heads with our respective theological-icons here and here. John Poirier, recently called 'commenter extraordinaire' by John Hobbins, has posted his latest response on our ongoing dialogue concerning what constitutes a Christian 'alethiology' here and its implications for 'theological exegesis'. I'm sure Mr Hobbins meant that in a most positive manner! I for one am most grateful for Mr Poirier's patience, clarity and sheer concern for the significance of the issue under consideration. Our ongoing 'chat' challenges me to constantly refocus what it is I am actually trying to get at, and in itself is an exercise in the challenge and yet potential fruitfulness of sustained dialogue. I, at least, feel that it's bringing me onward, as I have tried to point out in my belated response.

I should point out that John of Ancient Hebrew Poetry has done the biblioblogging world a great service in his unbelievably in-depth analysis and taxonomising of all that is going on in this fastly expanding universe. His Biblical Studies Carneval XXIII is a detailed overview of what's on, his Map of the World of Bible Bloggers categorises the wealth of biblioblog-material into slightly more digestible bites, and finally, of most relevance to the concerns of this blog, he has posted on the canonical approach, pointing to its potential and voicing is his frustrations. Needless to say, I don't agree with his definition of what the canonical approach is trying to do, but my pure exhaustion restrains me from going any further than simply pointing this fact out.

Oh, and he also links to other blogs which are currently dealing with this topic ... cyberspace really is an infinite vacuum!

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