Monday, 3 August 2009

Spurgeon on the Psalms

"None but the Holy Spirit can give man the key to the Treasury of David; and even he gives it rather to experience than to study. Happy he who for himself knows the secret of the Psalms. In these busy days, it would be greatly to the spiritual profit of Christians if they were more familiar with the Book of Psalms, in which they would find a complete armory for life's battles, and a perfect supply for life's needs."


Bob MacDonald said...

Even if he isn't armed with modern day skepticism, he's got it right. The psalms are for, as I said 3 years ago - study and correction. Little did I know how that would impact me over the next two years as I translated them (even without all your careful learning - my excuse being that I am old and not in school enrolled). I hope your work on psalm 24 is informed in that same experience.

Phil Sumpter said...

I think I do, in my own way. Not Psalm 24 itself, which is still a mystery to me, but the Psalm in general. I had a bit of a personal crisis a while back and found incredible comfort and strength in the Psalms. It's nice when the Bible comes alive like that. Especially when it's your job to study the Bible.