Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Brueggemann on Childs' Isaiah

I'm currently thinking about the relative merit of Brueggemann's approach to "theological interpretation" in relation to Childs'. Having gone through a passionate Brueggemann phase, I'm coming round to seeing Childs' canonical approach as the most viable option for the contemporary church.

Tomorrow I'm going to comment on a review by Brueggemann of Childs' Isaiah commentary, in which I hope to illustrate some of the points I made in my post "Ecclesial Context": Brueggemann vs Childs.

By way of preparation, you can read the article here (pdf file). It takes a while to download so please be patient!

The bibliographic reference is as follows: "Canon Fire: The Bible as Scripture", by W. Brueggemann, Christian Century, 118 no 33 D 5 2001, p 22-26.

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