Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A professional new blog on Ancient Hebrew Grammar

John Hobbins has made me aware of an exciting new blog: Ancient Hebrew Grammar. The authors are respected Hebrew linguists John Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt. Not only will it be a forum for the publication of snippets of their current research, they also have links to a host of published work, including an entire Hebrew textbook, now available for free as pdf files. A wonderful example of open source scholarship!

While on the subject of ancient Hebrew, there's an interesting video on Youtube of a Samaritan reading Exodus 12 according to the Samaritan dialect. Thanks for this goes to Yitzhak Sapir from the Canaanite Languages and Literature list.


Robert said...


Thanks for the mention.

I responded to your question; hopefully it's clear.


Phil Sumpter said...

A wonderful response, thank you! I'm still a learner in this area so I'm afraid I can't add anything to your comments. But you've helped orient me to the key issues involved.