Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Son of Hamas gets asylum

I posted this afternoon on the trial awaiting Mosab Hassan Yousef, the "Son of Hamas." The answer is now out: he has been granted asylum:

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Kyle Essary said...

Wow! This is great news and an answer to prayer. Because of Hobbins I picked up the book a few months ago (it's actually banned here, so I'm thankful for my Kindle). I haven't gotten around to reading it yet though, so these posts have me more interested in getting around to it.

Phil Sumpter said...

The book is banned? Is Malaysia that radical? It's not even primarily about Islam but about Hamas, as far as I understand.

Kyle said...

Malaysia has some strange rules...something by Dawkins or Hitchens is allowed without question (since they see it as anti-Christian), but since SoH has what they deem to be anti-Palestinian sentiments it's not available at even the major outlets (Borders, MPH, etc.). Sometimes they are allowed to order these types of books, but not shelf them.

Malaysia isn't radical at all in most areas (my community is almost all Chinese for instance and the Malays in the area aren't very radical), but I've heard from lots of people that it's much more than 10 years ago and much, much more than 40 years ago.