Saturday, 1 December 2007

In My Heart

This song and video is enough to make me weep. I have this yearning. It's like a fissure or crack in my soul that involves incredible effort to hold it together. The world is constantly trying to tear it apart, as if the broader the chasm the easier it is to escape into a nothingness that will soothe.

But the two parts belong together, and though it hurts and it's hard I refuse to let them fall apart.

I feel that the modern State of Israel and the segmented Occupied Territories, with their loaded histories and screaming needs represent a microcosm of what is really wrong with this world, and what is really needed. This sliver of land is a stage where where all the agonies and yearnings of the world, its past and its future, is being played out in a seemingly hopeless spiral of disillusion and angry refusal to give up.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

(HT: Ancient Hebrew Poetry. Read his great comments on another of David Broza's songs. I should point out that the man on the left sings in Hebrew, the man on the right in Arabic.)

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