Friday, 14 December 2007

Was ist Theologie?

I'm currently ploughing through Barth's Einführung in die Evangelische Theologie (English: Evangelical Theology - An Introduction) in a bid to better understand Childs' canonical approach to the Bible as Scripture. They have a lot in common! As time is short, I only have time today to quickly copy out another interesting quote (I will get back to my previous thread ... tomorrow ...):

"Was ist Theologie? Nach diesen unseren bisherigen, ihren Ort umschreibenden Sätzen kann sie gerade nur theologisch definiert werden: sie ist Wissenschaft in Erkenntnis jenes in Gottes Werk gesprochenen Wortes Gottes, Wissenschaft in der Schule der jenes Wort Gottes bezeugenden heiligen Schrift, Wissenschaft in der Bemühung um die der durch jenes Wort Gottes berufenen Gemeinde unausweichlich gestellte Wahrheitsfrage. So und nur so - im Uebrigen wirklich voraussetzungslos - erfüllt sie ihren Begriff also menschliche Logik des göttlichen Logos. So und nur so hat sie - von aussen gesehen tatsächlich in der freien Luft schwebend - Grund, Recht und Ziel. Die Macht, in der sie existiert, ist die in jenen Sätzen verborgene Macht."
(1961: 58, 9).


John C. Poirier said...


If you really want to win me over, don't tell me that Childs is like Barth. I run out of the bathhouse whenever Barthians are present, out of fear that it might fall in!

Phil Sumpter said...

Then maybe we should discuss your problems with Barth. Based on what you've been saying, he doesn't subscribe to the view of revelation that you reject. Wikipedia even puts it like this: "the Bible is not the Revelation; rather, it points to revelation." Isn't that what you think?

You can see the distinction in this quote (sorry, I haven't the time to translate right now).

Whatever the case, I appreciate your input and only ask that you evaluate my arguments based on their content, not on their association with scholars you may or may not like.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Its John from Melbourne.

I think its about the time the plug was pulled from the bath (Barth)and some new fresh water was allowed to flow.

Please check out.


Phil Sumpter said...

John from Melbourne,

if you cared about me, you'd make an effort to relate this to what I've written, instead of putting raw text in front of my face.