Thursday, 24 July 2008

Andersen-Forbes website (and a short praise of Logos)

Thanks to Exegetica Digita for pointing this out. The website is at

I recently purchased Logos Biblical Software (Original Language Library), and though I've had little time to actually use it, the resources it offers are unbelievable. Seeing as I intend to live a rather nomadic lifestyle, having an integrated, searchable digital library is one of the most useful resources I could dream of. Reading on a computer should take a bit of getting used to, but as far as I can see it's just a matter of habit. I use the computer so much these days that it really doesn't represent a break from what I normally do. Perhaps the only major complaint I have so far is that the Biblia Hebraica doesn't come with the critical apparatus, which basically means I have to have the print version at my side when reading the Bible on the computer! You can buy it extra, but only as part of a larger package that includes books already on the Original Library and which costs far more than it's worth for the appartus alone.

Apart from that, I'd like to take this opportunity to praise Logos' outstanding customer service! This had already been given to me as a reason for going for Logos, but I experienced it first hand yesterday as I had had problems with a large order. I had the World Biblical Commentary package sent to me from the States, but had to send it back as German Customs decided to add $103 customs tax! I hadn't ordered the downloadable version as, being the technological numpty that I am, I'd experienced problems in the past. Luckily, a certain Don phoned me at home, linked my computer to his in the States and downloaded the whole thing for me, pointing out what I was doing wrong and giving advice on how to proceed in the future. Amazing technology (it impressed me, anyway) and great service, I thought. Now I have to figure out how to burn a backup copy ...


Lars Shalom said...

hey i'm david my son is jesus

Phil Sumpter said...

Your blog is weird.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Logos, Phil! And thanks for the nice shout out. I'm glad our CS folks took good care of you. Enjoy your new software!



Mark Stevens said...

Glad to hear you like Logos Phil. I have been using Original Languages for about 4 months now and I love it! I am using the Mac Beta version. I hope that they will release the full version soon!

By the way, I enjoy reading your blog. All the best mate and keep up the good reflection and writing.


Mark (from Australia).

Phil Sumpter said...

Thanks Phil, I'm a technological numpty so I'm slightly intimidated by the power and size of Logos, but from what I've seen of the help sections they are extremely informative and well hyperlinked.

Hello Australian Mark, thanks for the kind remarks. I haven't had time to look at your blog in too much detail yet, but it looks as if we share similar interests. What does "Mac Beta" version mean? (I said I was a technological numpty!)