Sunday, 20 July 2008

Thread Summary: B. Hägglund's "Die Bedeutung der >Regula Fidei< als Grundlage theologischer Aussagen"

The following is a summary of a thread dealing with Bengt Hägglunds essay, "The significance of the regula fidei as basis for theological propositions" (my translation from the German):
  1. Existential faith and the regula fidei
  2. What did the regula fidei mean for the Church Fathers?
  3. Irenaeus and the regula veritatis
  4. The content of the rule of truth: Irenaeus' take
  5. The regula fidei as basis for theology
  6. Christian truth as unchanging reality
  7. Gospel truth as "reality"
  8. The rule-of-faith as the reality behind doctrine, scritpture, and tradition
  9. The rule-of-truth as guideline for true doctrine
  10. The rule of faith and dogmatics


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil!
Thanks a lot for your work and various theological stimuli. I am very interested in Hägglund's article on the regula fidei or your translation of it. Are they accessible somewhere on your blog or on the web? So far I haven't found them.

Thanks a lot!


Phil Sumpter said...

Hi Joern,

Just click on the links in my post and they will take you to each summary. My translation was done very quickly and spontaneously, so as a German I guess you would benefit more from reading the original. Please feel free to critically interact.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
thanks a lot for your quick reply. I will have a look at it in German. You finished your Ph.D. in University of Gloucestershire, right? But you live in Bonn, correct?

I will have a closer look at your translation. Have you found other valuable resources on the topic of the analogia fidei or scriptuae etc.?