Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Eisenbrauns' August Web Sale

As James Spinti has informed us. You can get roughly 60% discounts. Two books that caught my eye: David and Zion

David and Zion
Biblical Studies in Honor of J. J. M. Roberts

Edited by Bernard F. Batto and Kathryn Roberts
Eisenbrauns, 2004
xxvi + 444 pages, English
Cloth, 6 x 9
ISBN: 1575060922
List Price: $55.00
Your Price: $11.00

and A God So Near

A God So Near
Essays on Old Testament Theology in Honor of Patrick D. Miller

Edited by Brent A. Strawn and Nancy R. Bowen
Eisenbrauns, 2003
xviii + 439 pages, English
ISBN: 1575060671
List Price: $59.50
Your Price: $17.85

Unfortunately, by the time I got to check out I realised that postage and packaging (for Germany) had doubled the price ($22), so I decided to stick to interlibrary loan in Germany. Nevertheless, a bargain for those who live in the States (who represent the bulk of my readership)!


jps said...

We're working on an alternative freight company that could make it cheaper. Hopefully before the end of September I will be able to have more info...


Phil Sumpter said...

Great, thanks for informing me. Will the books I want still be available for the sale price? It is an August sale after all.