Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Biblical curse generator

How awesome is this! Douglas Mangum of Biblia Hebraica links a Biblical curse generator. Here is the description of this handy tool:

Lost for a smart remark to see off your enemies? Unable to deliver that killer insult? Put an end to unscriptural restraint with the amazing Biblical Curse Generator, which is pre-loaded with blistering smackdowns as delivered by Elijah, Jeremiah and other monumentally angry saints. Simply click the button below, and smite your foes with a custom-made curse straight out of the Old Testament!
Finally, something of real practical use from the biblioblogasphere.


John Anderson said...

Very nice. There has to be a Luther one out there. Now THAT would be a great find.

Phil Sumpter said...

Good point, he could be very colourful with his language. A member of my Bible study group is well versed in Lutheran rhetoric, which is always amusing.