Friday, 3 April 2009

Video of Jenson on Scripture and the regula fidei

Robert Jenson recently held a series of lectures at the University of Otago on that most important of all subjects: "The Regula Fidei and Scripture." Of course, this caused convulsions of frustration on my part as I'm in Germany and not Otago, but luckily Jason Goroncy of the marvelous blog Per Crucem ad Lucem as not only given us a detailed summary of each lecture (along with his own thoughts), he has provided links to the videos thereof. You can find them in his post Robert Jenson: The 2009 Burns Lectures. Joy is the word that first comes to mind :)

Here are Jason's own summaries:

Here are the video podcasts of those lectures, available for download as MP4s:

Lecture 1: Creed, Scripture, and their Modern Alienation
Lecture 2: The Tanakh as Christian Scripture
Lecture 3: The New Testament and the Regula Fidei
Lecture 4: The Apostles’ Creed
Lecture 5: The Creed as Critical Theory of Scripture
Lecture 6: Genesis 1:1 and Luke 1:26-38
For an interesting analysis of the meaning of the "rule of faith" for the earlier church (an analysis with influenced Brevard Childs), see my thread B. Hägglund on the regula fidei.

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