Wednesday, 23 January 2008

'Eyewitness' vs 'Written' Testimony: Some Thoughts from Seitz

Daniel Driver links to an article by Chris Seitz in the Daily Star, in which he pontificates on the significance of both eyewitness testimony and written testimony as they relate to the significance of the historical Jesus. I find Seitz to be a most profound thinker and recommend reading the short piece here.

I love his opening recollections on Childs, who died last year. They were good personal friends and he used to visit Seitz in Aberdeen on a regular basis. Seitz remembers what an enormous impact Childs' visit had on the students, who were able to actually meet and talk with the scholar in person. Seitz goes on:

"To be an 'eyewitness' can have a huge and memorable affect. But of course without the books and the great ideas to go ahead of him, this effect would have been nothing. Text and man required one another for the effect to be registered."
I adore Seitz.

Cf. my post on Augustine on this issue here.

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