Thursday, 21 February 2008

Support for Jim West

As is now well known on the blogosphere, biblioblogging patriarch Jim West has become the victim of internet terrorism. Some childish coward hacked into his Word Press website and using his password deleted everything, his entire work. Jim has decided that is not going to start again. It wouldn't surprise me if emotional hurt has a role to play in this decision; it would for me.

Jim has been blogging longer than most and has been something of a father-figure to many. He's advertised new blogs (including this one) and has done much to encourage networking and communication amongst those interested in the field of biblical studies. It's a genuine shame to see him go and its a scandal that there are people out there offended enough to want to make him go like this. Given that most of his controversial views were related to theology, I shudder to think that a "Christian" is responsible for this ... If so, public repentance can redeem him. But your heart has to be so hard in the first place to do such a thing that apology would be the last thing on his/her mind.

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Chrisendom posts a letter from Jim West

Update: Sibylline Leaves has a far more detailed overview than this here.


James Pate said...

You know, I'm not surprised that he's back. The guy's a blogging machine! I wonder how many posts he writes a day.

Dr. Claude Mariottini said...


Do you want to know how many posts Jim writes per day? According to Airton da Silva, Jim averages 7.4 posts per day.

Claude Mariottini

James Pate said...

Wow! He does this, and he has a job too. Lots of energy!