Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I'm off till Tuesday

Recent goings on on the biblical studies list have left a bad taste in my mouth (though my Site Meter statistics have rocketed as result. Is that good or bad publicity?). They've sapped my desire to post anything meaningful today. If people are interested in my literal/spiritual sense thread, then Michael wrote a decent response to my Literal and Spiritual Sense of Scripture post. He disagrees with my definition of "the spiritual sense," contests its continuing validity, calls for sharper distinction between it and the word "referent" and has an alternative interpretation of some NT verses. Give him a read. I'll get back to him as soon as I'm back.

In the meanwhile I'm off to a colloquium in Tübingen, where I'll have the pleasure of smoking narghila with Mr Tilling. It's then off to Wuppteral for another colloquium, where I'll meet my second doctoral supervisor for the first time. This'll hopefully give my wounded soul time to heal and help me get over the wish to quit the aforementioned list.


Brian said...

Hi Phil, I am the Grand Canyon Pastor who commented and got pushed to the side. I am with you on how the tone of the list can be a bit elitist. Hope all goes will with the colloquiums.

Chris Tilling said...

Hi Phil,
It was really great seeing you again, and learning more about you and your colourful past!
We hope to see you again in the not too distant future.
Enjoy the books!

Phil Sumpter said...

Hi Brian, thanks for the support. The collquia were helpful, but meeing Chris (below) was the highlight!


totally! I hope you guys make it up to Bonn sometime. You've inspired me to start roasting my own coffee and adding my own chillie. It'll have to wait till after Lent though. As for the books, I've read through the prefaces and they are fascinating. I've decided that they don't count as PhD work and so can be read on Sundays, which should help me get the reviews done on time!