Friday, 4 April 2008

Photos of Assyrian Wall Reliefs in the British Museum

I recently visited the wonderful British Museum, while back visiting family this Easter. My wife graciously allowed me three full hours, which I spent looking at only one thing: the amazing collection of Assyrian wall reliefs. You can look at a selection of these wall reliefs along with commentary on their website. They are divided according to the following subsections: Assyrian Culture and the Balawat Gates, Nimrud, Nineveh, Lion Hunts (probably the most exquisite in terms of artistic accomplishment), The Siege of Lachish (reported in the Bible), Khorsabad and Assyrian Life (which was closed for refurbishment. Grrr!).

In case these images don't satisfy you, I took a fair number myself. Thanks to Google's Picasa Web Albums I can make these publicly available. So have a peek here. Feel free to leave any knowledgeable commentary, as I can no longer remember what came from where.

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Anonymous said...

I read: ". My wife graciously allowed me three full hours,"
Your blog is from 2008. I hope after nine years you rectify this situation and YOU allow YOURSELF the time YOU think is convenient.