Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Blogger seeks dialogue

One of the main reasons - perhaps the only reason - I started blogging was my need for dialogue concerning issues I'm wrestling with in my PhD (I've posted my research proposal, which has admittedly changed a bit since then). I'm a long distance student based in Bonn, Germany (my supervisor is Gordon McConville in Gloucestershire, England) and after one year of talking to myself in my office I noticed signs of insanity cropping up. A friend put me on to these things called "blogs," the first of which (and the best of which) is now dead, and then to Chris Tilling's excellent Chrisendom. From there I moved on to the Biblical Studies List and finally decided to take the plunge myself. Though I sometimes wonder about the countless posts that have disappeared into the ether (probably to be dug up and embarrassingly revealed by my future employer), I'm am truly grateful for the many people (all of whom I have never met) that have taken the time to read my posts, register their responses and criticisms, and engage me in dialogue. It's brought me further along the way and I can only recommend it to others who find them in a similar situation.

Which brings me to the actual point of this post ...

A certain Martyn Smith has just started a doctorate in theology and seems to have found himself in a similar situation to myself. He's set up a blog - appropriately named Faith Seeking Understanding - and has declared himself ready to engage people in dialogue on the issues that concern him. He only has one post up so far, but bookmark him and see what he has to say.

The best of luck to you Martyn!


thechangingman said...

Thanks for the support Philip - its MUCH appreciated! I too wish you well in your studies and I very much hope that our paths will cross again. For me, I can confess that I currently need all the support and encouragement I can get in regard to my oh-so-lonely studies...

Ed Gentry said...

You blog to get interaction, but you probably don't have near as many people interacting as just reading.

I have enjoyed and been greatly enriched by your blog over the last several years. I've occasionally commented here and there, but mostly just read to get my daily dose of Childs which I'm convinced is a very healthy thing.

Anyway, Phil, I'll try to interact with you more. But know that I very much appreciate what you are doing. You really should see your blog it as a bit of a "ministry" (if that term is not already very much out of vogue).

Many Thanks.

Michael Russell said...


If you want some (uneven) theological discussion, come by http://theologica.ning.com/. It's populated by people of all walks, from sem grads to lay folk.

Hope to see you there.

PS - Watch out for the trolls.

Phil Sumpter said...

Thanks Martyn,

I've commented on your blog.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Ed. I do actually see this blog as a kind of ministry ... If I can promote more appreciative reading of Childs in the world then I will be content with my efforts!

Hi Michael,

thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

thechangingman said...

Hello again Phil,
I really do VERY much appreciate the kind comments and sound advice you put on my Blog (all of the practical stuff I have already, duly done!)
I wish you well in all that you're doing and feel sure that we'll have reason to dialogue again in the future...

Phil Sumpter said...

No probs,

your area of interest is certainly different to mine, but there may well be some fruitful cross-fertilization yet :)