Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

Tim LaHaye - that's a name that will either fill your heart with apocalyptic fervour or send shudders down your spine. I've not read any of his more theological work, but I have read his book on sex for married couples. To be honest, I found it black and white and overly simplistic.
Here's what he has to say about the Anti-Christ and Obama:

[HT The Church of Jesus Christ, who summarizes the discussion with his own input]


Ed Gentry said...

I cold only stomach few moments of the interview. The more I hear this kind of talk from conservative evangelicals the more I want to disassociate myself completely with these words.

I found it interesting that today's lectionary reading was from Psalm 72. Where the Psalmist describes the ideal King (and by extension good government) as one who defends the poor. Interesting juxtaposition with LaHaye's comments about Obama.

Phil Sumpter said...

Good point. I noticed the way he classified socialism as the government deciding who they can make rich and who they can make poor.

I was glad I could finally put a face to the man I've heard so much about from friends who are actually into him (or were, I think some would distance themselves from him now).

Anonymous said...

These people spend way too much time judging others as the anti-Christ... what happened to the plank in our eyes and the speck in our brother's? I guess we sometimes forget the Publican was justified and the Pharisee "not-so-much"?

Phil Sumpter said...

Indeed, Moses. However, I was impressed by the restraint shown by the two interviewees. They didn't call anyone the Anti-Christ and were fairly open about the genuineness of Obama's proclaimed faith.

Anonymous said...

A good point indeed! =D