Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A New Biblical Studies List

As if on cue, a new and interesting looking biblical studies list, The Biblicalist, has been set up, one which recognises that the Bible is about theology as well as ancient Near Eastern history. The choice of moderators is impressive and I look forward to watching the list develop. I highly recommend people to join groups such as these. The discussion is often highly competent and they provide a great forum for making contacts, testing out ideas, and simply being kept up to date on contemporary developments. I let them introduce themselves:

The moderators would like to announce the release of their new biblical studies email list, The Biblicalist:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/biblicalist/

The Biblicalist is a biblical studies list of academic emphasis open to all who wish to approach the Bible in its wider context, past and present. All viewpoints and perspectives which draw on the work of scholars in biblical studies and cognate disciplines are welcome. Topics of discussion include the interpretation of particular texts of the Bible and related literature, the background of ancient Near Eastern and Classical cultures, theological and philosophical reflections on relevant issues, and the Bible in art and literature, including the reception of the Bible from ancient times to the present. Other topics in a similar vein are not only welcome, but encouraged.The moderators (listed below) are all well-known biblicabloggers and participants on other lists. We would like to invite all interested people to join our new list.

Stephen Carlson (Hypotyposeis)
Kevin Edgecomb (Biblicalia)
Chris Heard (Higgaion)
John Hobbins (Ancient Hebrew Poetry)
Jerry Shepherd (Taylor Seminary)
Rikk Watts (Regent College)
Chris Weimer (Thoughts on Antiquity)
Tyler Williams (Codex)

We would like to invite all interested people to join our new list.

I'd like that too!

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