Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Drama of Doctrine, free online.

I just accidentally came across this fascinating looking book by K. Vanhoozer while searching for something else. His comments on some of the complexities of Childs' approach are interesting and informed and his comment on situating the canonical process within in a "theo-dramatic context, that is, the context of God's own speech and action" (218) has caught my attention. I'm doubtful about his comments on the similarities between Childs and S. Fish ... but this is all the result of 5 minutes reading. I certainly intend to look at this book in more detail.


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

I've found DOD to be an excellent read. Just a plug for a similar volume, Michael Horton's "Covenant and Eschatology" (also from WJK) deals with some similar matters of prolegomena in a similarly creative approach.

Phil Sumpter said...

That's great Andrew. Thanks for the tip. I will have to deal with these books in more depth at some point.

And congratulations on your recent ordination!