Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Israel interaktiv

For those who can understand German, the news agency Heute has posted an interactive map to Israel here. Click on one of the locations and watch an documentary clip about that particular location. They focus on both historical and contemporary issues and clearly intend to present Israel in the best possible light.


nelson moore said...

very, very cool. thank you.

Phil Sumpter said...

Nelson, are you English? I see you're based in Tübingen. I'm based in Bonn. What is your thesis?

nelson moore said...

Hi, Phil. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm American. (Gott sei Dank!)

My dissertation is an exegesis of Ps 34 and its contribution to the wisdom literature of the psalms. Basically, a very traditional critical exegesis.

I'm very fond of B.S. Childs, by the way, so I've been perusing your blog a bit.

Feel free to contact me, if you like, at nelson at nelson moore dot net

Phil Sumpter said...

Cool, I'm looking at the Psalms too (or, at least, I should be, once I stop obsessing over Childs). Next time I'm down south perhaps we can meet up and talk "OT." Feel free to pop by next time you're in Bonn (e-mail: philsumpter at hotmail dot com).