Thursday, 5 June 2008

Urinating and Christian Male Identity

Halden of Inhabitatio Dei has recently lambasted Mark Driscoll's insane comments on the identity of Jesus, analysing them as an expression of insecurity concerning his own male identity.

Well, Driscoll has nothing on this guy! Taking 1 Ki 14 as a manifesto for what it means to be a "man," he rails against all those who do not "pisseth" while they stand.

And what he says about Germany is all true: the men (sorry ... "males") here really do sit down when they urinate.

From a German perspective, this is one of the funniest clips I have seen in a long time!


Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Germans pee sitting down. That would have totally thrown me for a loop if I were in Germany. One of the great advantages of being male is that we don't have to sit down on a nasty toilet seat when we just want to take a piss. Are there any other countries where this is the case?

Phil Sumpter said...

I don't know about other countries. My experience of French toilets is the opposite of my German experience, they are fowler than English ones!

It's a big topic here, which is why the video was adverised in a Christian youth magazine. There are multitudes of cartoon postcards dealing with the issue (e.g. men sitting on the floor and aimining, men sitting in public urinals etc).

I have to admit, I know where the guy is coming from. I found it a real challenge to my masculinity to have to sit down! Needless to say, I'm now so used to it I find standing up really unhygenic.