Saturday, 24 January 2009

Quote of the day: Exegesis in the "old" and the "new" age

My apologies for the lack of posting recently; what with the "excitement" of the Gaza conflict and a new stage in my own studies I've been finding it hard to tend to this blog. I intend to start a thread soon analysing Chris Seitz's recent Prophecy and Hermeneutics (Childs considers it a groundbreaker, though I believe he had already broken the ground). Till then, another delicious quote:
The biblical exegete is forced to hear testimony from inside and outside the community of faith because he lives in both worlds. He dare not destroy the canonical witness by forcing it into the mold of the 'old age', nore dare he construct out of the canonical witness a world of myth safely relegated to the distant past. Rather, he confesses his participation in the community of faith by 'searching the scriptures'. He seeks to share the bread of life with the church through the testimony of scripture. He remains open in anticipation to those moments when the Spirit of God resolves the tension and bridges the gap between faith and history.
Childs, Exodus, 302.

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