Friday, 12 September 2008

It's my blog's first birthday!

O.K., I'm three days overdue, but it's O.K. I forgive myself.

One year of prolific blogging! This is probably the time to do some kind of progress report, but to be honest I'm stuck in the middle of writing an essay that is taxing my braincells beyond their normal capacity and I'm behind my deadline, so I will have make do with congratulating myself and wishing myself all the best for the coming year.

O.K., briefly:

What have I achieved?:

I've had a bunch of great dialogues, where intelligent and informed critics have challenged me and forced me to either rethink the nature of "theological exegesis" or at least to better formulate my position (O.K., Childs' position). I've made useful contacts, have received practical help, and will be soon receiving a couple of my very own free review books! And most importantly of all, this blog has helped me maintain my sanity. Honestly, writing a doctorate on a subject you know little about can be very taxing when you have no dialogue partners. Even when I get no responses to posts I would most surely like critiqued, the mere fact that I get them "out there" is enough to give me the feeling that I'm not the only one obsessing about my subject.

What would I like from the next year?:

More self-discipline concerning the time I spend on this thing. The returns on my time investment don't always justify the expenditure. But then, every now and then, a conversation materialises which makes the whole thing worth while. I guess what I'd like most is more intelligent, informed dialogue - energetic debate from those who care more about the truth than polite chit-chat. So, if you're interested in any of the issues highlighted in the banner of this blog, feel free to dig in. I can't promise I'll enlighten you, but you will get a response.

[Hat Tip: John Poirier, probably my most prodigious interlocutor].

[P.S. This is also the date I asked my wife to start dating me - six years ago! I thought women were supposed to get less attractive with age? That's one investment that has payed off!]


James Pate said...

Happy birthday! Your blog covers a lot of issues I'm interested in (e.g., relationship between the Testaments, the prophets in the canon, etc.). It's a good resource.

Levi said...

i've enjoyed reading your blog. happy nerdy birthday and thanks for being my first blog comment.

i'm with you on the beautiful wife idea, mine keeps getting more beautiful and i get progressively uglier and fatter by the minute

Phil Sumpter said...

Thanks guys. Glad to be of assistance.

X-Cathedra said...

Fantastic blog, Phil. Yours is one of the only blogs in which every post is worth reading. Keep up the good work.

Pax Christi,

Phil Sumpter said...

Wow, thank you Patrick! There's a compliment to start the day. Technorati really doesn't do a very good job. I had no idea you linked to me. Well, you're on my "theology blogroll." You're obviously an expert in areas I want to be going but are still beyond my ken.

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