Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mossad almost got Dr. Mengele

For those who don't know, Dr. Mengele was the personifaction of evil.

Here's the brief NYT report, Agent Says Israelis Let a Nazi Escape:

Israeli agents who kidnapped the Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960 found the notorious death camp doctor Josef Mengele but let him get away, one of the operatives said Tuesday.

The operative, Rafi Eitan, now an 81-year-old Israeli cabinet minister, said that he and other Mossad agents located Mengele in a Buenos Aires apartment with his wife at the time of Eichmann’s capture in 1960. But the operatives decided that trying to seize him would risk sabotaging the capture of Eichmann, who was being held in a safe house before being whisked out of the country.

Mr. Eitan’s comments indicated that the Israelis were closer to Mengele than had been previously thought and shed light on why they decided to abandon an attempt to catch him.
“When you have one operation, you’re taking a certain level of risk,” he said. “If you’re doing a second operation at the same time, you double the risk not only for the second operation but for the first one, as well.”

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